PimOff promotes and supports theatre and dance research.
PimOff is a space for dance, theatre and workshops. An artistic factory to develop new projects, to experiment and study.

It was born from the recovery of an industrial area, once the headquarters of the Cartiera di Verona a paper mill factory. The space consists of an open space that houses a private collection of contemporary art and a theatre of 99 seats with a tribune and stage on the floor. It is located in Via Selvanesco 75 in Milan.

PimOff, born to host theatrical events, is the perfect place for every event. For information and room rentals contact tel. 0254102612.


The cultural association PiM Spazio Scenico was founded in 2005 by the will of Maria Pietroleonardo and became PimOff in 2009, when the new headquarters in the southern suburbs of Milan were inaugurated.
PimOff is a home for artists, a place where you can create and experiment your ideas in total freedom.
The addition 'Off' clearly outlines the identity of an alternative space, with programming that is always attentive to original texts, contemporary authors and open to contamination with non-theatrical languages. The events during the season are accompanied by workshops by directors and choreographers who are guests during the season, open to professionals, students and theater and dance enthusiasts.
The PimOff season includes a review of contemporary theater and dance which is completed with the Citofonare PimOff artistic residency program and with prizes and initiatives in support of contemporary dramaturgy.

In order to attend the shows it is mandatory to sign up for the free membership. The card must be shown at the entrance. Download the form and once filled in, send it to