Kelim Choreography Center
Located in Bat Yam (Tel Aviv), Kelim Choreography Center is a place of thought, experimentation, research and choreographic practice. The purpose of the center is to develop connections between artists, art and the community. It hosts choreographers and artists from all over the world through a unique residency program in the Israeli landscape. It collaborates with PimOff hosting a selected company among the finalists of the Citofonare PimOff call in residence.

In\Visible Cities
A multidisciplinary and widespread festival in the Friulian region that focuses on the dialogue between visual and performing arts (theatre, dance, music), digital languages ​​and urban spaces. PimOff is a partner in the project and every year hosts a company, selected by a call for tenders announced by the festival, for a double residence between Gorizia and Milan.

Torino Fringe Festival
The Torino Fringe Festival is a live show and performing arts festival that comes to life in Turin for ten days in May in theatres, unconventional spaces and city squares. PimOff is partner of Torino Fringe in Rete since 2019.

Residenza Idra
From this year Pimoff is a partner of the Advanced Training Course organized by Residenza IDRA of Brescia. The course, aimed at actors and authors, offers a staging path with established names of Italian theatre such as Fausto Paravidino, Sonia Antinori, Enzo Cosimi, Milena Costanzo and Massimo Sgorbani. The most deserving of the projects will be able to benefit from an artistic residency at PimOff in the autumn of 2020.