24-25 february 2024
shadow theatre show

A shadow play that has the flavour of a fairy tale. There's a small house in the middle of the woods, it's old and ramshackle. Mum, dad and the little Jolie, a child with a fervid immagination, live here. Jolie's parents, whom are often busy, don't give any attention to those that seems to be only fantasies. So they don't believe her when Jolie notices an unusual presence, a creature from the woods that fascinates and terrorizes her.

concept Miriam Costamagna and Andrea Lopes Nunes
direction, dramaturgy and animation care Nadia Milani
with Miriam Costamagna, Andrea Lopes Nunes and Giacomo Occhi
scenes, figures and puppets Gisella Butera, Andrea Lopez Nunes, Miriam Costamagna, Nadia Milani, Matteo Moglianesi
original musics Andrea Ferrario
voices Aurora Aramo, Arianna Aramo, Miriam Costamagna, Andrea Lopes Nunes, Nadia Milani, Giacomo Occhi
light design Andrea Lopes Nunes and Matteo Moglianesi
direction advisor Matteo Moglianesi
production Drogheria Rebelot
with the support of Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionettes and BIBO teatro
in collaboration with Teatro Gioco Vita, Cultural Association Artemista, Zona K, In ScenaVeritas and Teatro Comunale di Limbiate
thanks to Marco Lam, Andrea Cagnazzo and Nicoletta Garioni
show selected for Progetto Cantere 2019 - Festival Incanti (TO)

24th of February, h 18
25th of February, h 18

Show recommended for kids aged 4 and over.

DROGHERIA REBELOT Miriam Costamagna, Andrea Lopez Nunes and Andrea Rizzo decide to found the company putting a particular attention to the shadow theatre, to the blacklight theatre and to the combination of languages. In addition to their theatrical research, they carry on an experimentation on Figure Video, where the theatre language meets the cinematographic one, placing themselves in between digital and analogic.

24-25 february 2024
shadow theatre show