21 february 2024

A dance performance, a live set of electronic music and a VJing session: in Oscilla, video, sound, light and body are combined with each others, creating an augmented reality space. The  performer's movement is controlled by some sensors, whose data go through a software, that is programmed and operated in real time. In this way, interactive technology becomes an excuse to explore the quality of relationships, of the human with itself and of the human with the non-human.

coreography, movement and sensors Simone Arganini
music and interactive sound devices Daniele Fabris
lights and video Amerigo Piana
artistic residency Ferrara Off APS, Smart Life Festival Modena
with the support of CollettivO CineticO and Umanesimo Artificiale
project selected through the call "Request artistic asylum" of Festival In\Visible CIties, with Quarantasettezeroquattro, CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Visioni Future
selection Vetrina della Giovane Danza d'Autore 2022 - Network Anticorpi XL

21st of February, h 19.30

SIMONE ARGANINI dancer and performance author, he also deals with sound design, realization and programming of interactive devices for theatre shows. Since 2015 he's a permanent member of CollettivO CineticO.

DANIELE FABRIS sound designer, he realizes digital systems for the elaboration of audio signals in real time and for the development of settings for performance and sound instalations.

AMERIGO PIANA designer and developer of cutting-edge multimedia experiences for the setting of spaces, of products in fairs, museums, events, show-room and for the programming of the spectator/user.

In collaboration with dance card.

21 february 2024