13 february 2024
contemporary dance show

Why do we need a catastrophe to change things? It seems that human being needs to find itself in a state of emergency in order to take action and that it manage to contemplate the existence of change only when it is inevitable. Till then, the only option is surviving, as you can: ignoring, forgetting. A contemporary dance show that asks us an inevitable question: how do we place ourselves in front of the upcoming crisis? In Se domani (If tomorrow) the crisis become body, sound, movement, in a space on the brink of the collapse.

concept and coreography Elisa Sbaragli
dance Alice Raffaelli, Lorenzo de Simone
dramaturgy Eliana Rotella
musics Edoardo Sansonne
stage designing Fabio Brusadin
arttist manager Marco burchini
costumist Chiara Corradini
selected through the call 2023 Citofonare PimOff

13th of February, h 19.30 | contemporary dance show

11th of February, h 11-14 | masterclass with Elisa Sbaragli 

ELISA SBARAGLI coreographer and author, since 2016 she's been carrying on her own authorial research where the body, its movement and its infinite possibilities of transformation are the basis for building her research. She collaborates with artists with different educations that range from music to visual and performative arts, which brings her to create works both in conventional spaces and not conventional, like museums, public spaces, abandones locations and natural spaces.

In collaboration with dance card.

13 february 2024
contemporary dance show