26 november 2023
theatre show for kids

A theatre show for kids that is a small collective ritual of a big emotional intensity. A journey among the little things that are to be re-discovered together, which goes through the research of silence, of a collective slow-paced sense of time, made of listening and waiting, in order to listen the thin breath of the rising wind.


  • Beginning ritual, or rather the ignition of fire

  • The breath

  • To blow the wind

  • The rhytm of the small branch

  • Round trip from limits to centre

  • The sweet dance of fire

  • Draw a fire

  • Final ritual waiting what will come

26 novembre 
TURN 1 h 10.30
TURN 2 h 16.30 

Theatre show for kids from 4 to 7 years old and for their parents. Every child must be accompanied by one parent only .

RODISIO COMPANY Manuela Capece and Davide Doro, actors, authors and directors, have been working together since '97 and founded the company in 2005. Since then, Rodisio carries on its work in Italy and abroad, producing shows, curating and creating paths of research and of training for kids and adults. At the foundation of the Rodisio's poetry there is a lot of reasearch, also conducted by reworking and recomposing all materials collected during workshops with kids, which they consider a fundamental and indispensable resource in the creative process. Rodisio also is on stage at PimOff with Caino and Abele.

26 november 2023
theatre show for kids