22-23 november 2023
contemporary theatre show

Lilith is an arcaic myth preceding the myth of Eve: for the Sumerians she is a black virgin that during nights strangles kids in their cradles; in the Middle Age she's a witch that seduces like only the Evil is able to do; in the Assyrian mitology she's an asexual Demon, then female, then male; in the Bible she's a character full of spit and blood. Lilith is the first partner of Adam, who refuses the sexual submission and is transformed by God into a nocturnal demon. A contemporary theatre show built around a "devil who always lies, a bad woman, or better, a super bad woman".

Is Lilith my name.
Lilith in my language means night and storm.
Indeed, I'm a devil who always lies.
Too of what I say and I do is evil.
Have a suspect: I'm bad, so bad.

with Angela Antonini
lights Antonella Colella
organization Frida de Vreese
production Compagnia47
with the collaboration ofTeatro Metastasio/Festival Contemporanea
with the contribution of Regione Toscana
thanks toTeatro Drama

22th of November, h 20.30 | contemporary theatre show
23th of November, h 19.30 | show rerun

RITA FRONGIA is a dramaturg, actress and director. From her pluriannual collaboration with Claudio Morganti on the Büchner's work, result ScimmiaC’è un buio che sembra di esser ciechiStudio numero 5 per Woyzeck poi Ombre Wozzeck-operina musicale per uomini ombra di poche paroleMit Lenz e Il caso W. Then, the project of Trilogia del tavolino, made of three comedies for bold actors: La vita ha un dente d’oro, La vecchia e Gingín - di cosa si parla quando si parla. In 2019 the work L’opinione di zia Angelina debuts at Contemporanea Fesival. She's also author and director of Era meglio Cassius Clay. Her last productions as director and dramaturg are Étoile, Lilith e Star.

22-23 november 2023
contemporary theatre show