28-29 october 2023
Puppetry theatre show

Hidden noises is a pop-up tale, a doll house, a dress, where any door, window or wall can be opened and can reveal hidden rooms and noises. Lucia is a little girl who lives in a big house and who often has to play alone. By walking among these rooms her fears take shape into scaring creatures and sinister noises, which Lucia fights like an heroine through smart tricks, first of all the awareness of those fears.

"Going on with the study of the fairy tale, this time I'm getting closer to the modern and contemporary tale, dealing with the story with the same care and refinement of routes of an antique tale.The hero's journey follows routes that are the same in any era". 
(Emanuela Dall'Aglio).

with Emanuela Dall’Aglio, Riccardo Paltenghi
direction Emanuela Dall'Aglio
sounds and lights Mirto Baliani
manufactures Emanuela Dall’Aglio, Michele Columna, Veronica Pastorino
artistic collaboration Veronica Pastorino
production direction Franco Spadavecchia

28th of October, h 18 | puppetry show
29th of October, h 16 | rerun show

Duration: 50 minutes

Puppetry show for kids aged 4 years old and over.

EMANUELA DALL'AGLIO for the second season in a row at PimOff - on stage in February 2023 with Once upon a time. The fairy-tale Museum - is a costume and set designer and author. She collaborated with the directors Armando Punzo, Francesco Micheli, Gigi Dall'Aglio, Cesare Lievi, Stefano Cenci, Rita Maffei, Michela Lucenti, Fulvio Pepe. She's been for twenty years costume designer of the Fortezza Company, with whom she won the Critics Award 2012 for the costumes of Hamlice and the Ubu award 2021 for the best costumes for Naturae, realized in the penitentiary of Volterra. As author and director she created itinerant shows, site specific works and a serie of shows on fairy tales. She's also teacher at the Course of training on techniques and languages of puppetry in Emilia-Romagna.

Show inserted in "Milano è viva", with the contribution of Milan Municipality.

28-29 october 2023
Puppetry theatre show