24 october 2020
1^ edition

Four companies, selected through open call, will present a short preview of their project. PimOff Award is addressed to emergent director and supports the production of Italian theatrical projects under study, which have never debuted.

In competition

LA FORESTA by Ortika + iPesci
with Alice Conti and Fiorenzo Madonna
directed by Mario De Masi
A boy and a girl leave a party together and go into the forest in search of the perfect dose, the ultimate hit. How far can they go, to overcome the merciless loneliness of provincial territory and their own marginalization?

AMANDA by Fratelli Carchidi
with Antonella Carchidi
direction and dramaturgy Francesco Ivan Carchidi
Amanda suffers from tinnitus and her ear perceives annoying noises that other people can't hear. The disorder turns into a character: Tinnitus is in fact an arrogant figure, who wants to command and determine her thoughts. A journey into psychoacoustics, the psychology of acoustic perception.

OBLIO by CerberoTeatro
with Anna Carla Broegg, Renato De Simone, Cristel Checca
concept and direction Cristel Checca, dramaturg Paolo Scarpelli
She wants to be forgotten, to become invisible, to get off everyone's sight. She wants to erase all those images that people sew on her skin; to delete that virtual personality that the network stuck on her. Likes, views, memes are killing her.

directionand video installations Loredana Antonelli
direction, dramaturgy and interpretation Pasquale Passaretti
music composer Lady Maru DJ setDomenico Catano
Contemporary subject applies and pursue an evil behaviour, wherever everything seems to legitimate it, because everything is considered normal. A show on work alienation, ethical aberration and the devaluation of human life.

Following: final award ceremony

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24 october 2020
1^ edition